Speed Suspects ( @speedsuspects )

1:26 PM Dec 7, 2017
That was close! Who was in the wrong? πŸ€” | Via πŸŽ₯: @emreozkilic | #speedsuspects _________________________________________________________ This video is used solely for entertainment purposes and if the original owner would like to have it removed or if properly credit was not given and needs to be corrected, please send us a direct message or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. ___________________________________________________________



  • @schmalson 3 days ago

    The woman of freaking course

  • @danm3e46 3 days ago

    Maybe don't cross the road running when you can't see with your child.... Just a thought?

  • @eserahmet06 3 days ago

    Motorcunun hic bir sucu yok o bebek arabasini tasiyan annenin aq ben orospu

  • @michaelmr7 3 days ago

    The lady

  • @__adnan_ali__ 3 days ago

    Fucken bicth should look before crossing and not run

  • @asepnovrizall 3 days ago

    Stupid mom

  • @46alb_suk0harj0 3 days ago

    Wah tuh gk liat kanan kiri salah tuh momnya

  • @amr.uddn 3 days ago

    Dh mcm kes aq @arif_nakal46

  • @palapachola 3 days ago

    Such an irresponsible mother...

  • @dadestmods 2 days ago

    The lady she dumb asf

  • @g.ricosti 2 days ago

    Vadia tava errada ainda @manosampaio

  • @gaabr1iel 2 days ago

    Como tem pessoa retardada nesse mundo, pqp @victormatheeuus @kamillaaganete

  • @marshall20045679 2 days ago

    The lady she is a dumb bitch

  • @kazuto_jdm 2 days ago

    It was the lady's fault. Lady, use the God damn cross walk

  • @xxedomhiruyxx 2 days ago


  • @az_cabinetry 2 days ago

    Stupid fucking bitch

  • @altek1 2 days ago

    The idiot crossing blindly into traffic WITH A BABY and not looking. She should apologize to him and that baby should find another mother.

  • @el_notorio_sandi 2 days ago

    The baby

  • @aaron66___ 2 days ago

    The lady

  • @_farhan_1296_ 2 days ago

    The lady

  • @sqswen41319 2 days ago

    The lady..

  • @csgo_yay 2 days ago

    The lady

  • @m240iconvertible 2 days ago

    Nice save! The lady was definitely at fault.

  • @shadakhtar_ 2 days ago

    @altek1 lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • @shadakhtar_ 2 days ago

    The lady..

  • @jvanvickyaya yesterday

    What a terrible mother... did not even pull the baby back just sat there and screamed like a dumb bitch who crosses the road blindly stroller with child in it first.

  • @kyr1238 yesterday

    The lady

  • @mitchellemery_ yesterday

    He was on the right side if the road going along at a moderate speed so wasn’t his fault at all.

  • @ep5672 yesterday

    The lady because she didn't even stop to look she just started walking

  • @bordeaox yesterday

    It was the lady's fault because she just walked with out even looking

  • @juancarlozzzzzzz yesterday

    it was the ladys fault she just crossed without looking and also when he fell only one person worried for him

  • @n_a_c_h_._96 yesterday

    La tia ahi por mitad la subnormal

  • @va.s.an yesterday

    That bitch j-walked

  • @tj.pallotta 22 hours ago

    It was the fucking baby’s fault. Dumbass

  • @e.smexo 20 hours ago

    @el_notorio_sandi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • @youngmarley12 19 hours ago

    She was walking in between the cars

  • @natantivo 17 hours ago

    Is the lady she was walking in between the cars and all mans yell on the motorcyclist

  • @kazoolanation 17 hours ago

    Overly dramatic lil bit running between cars with a baby

  • @kenneth_vanni 8 hours ago

    Ritardata del cazzo!

  • @iurii_spb_ 5 hours ago

    the mother is a blithering idiot πŸ‘Š