Ashlie ( @ashliesugarrushed )

1:44 PM Feb 3, 2018
Long time followers will remember when aged just 1 Oscar broke his arm here in Florida! Well today for the first time since then we visited the exact spot (swipe right 👉🏻) where I watched him toddle about the top happily, then for NO reason just leap off the gap... literally couldn’t do a thing. He even laughed when he hit the floor. We were living in the states at the time so luckily had great Medicare. It was fantastic literally in and out in about 2hrs, all told tho it was £10k. That’s why we made our own cast...Kidding. This was just how he had a bath! The Dr came in with the X rays to tell me the craic, his Dad was back in Texas, I was in bits and he said “Hi five Mom” 🤚🏼...I thought YES he’s fine, then he said “First broken bone!”... GG no joke had be sedated by the nurse 😂 So moral of the story 1. Make sure you have great holiday insurance. 2. Os has been nuts from day one. 😁🇺🇸 #wouldntchangehim #myboylollipop #funtimes #lifewithboys #boys #holidayinsurance



  • @nat_sharp_ 1:50 PM Feb 3, 2018

    😂 😂 😂 😂 Made your own cast that cracked me up! 😆 Bless him xx