• @craptrunners 5:48 AM Jan 5, 2018

    I’m thinking about upgrading my blaze for the ionic. Do you like it??

  • @katieliftss 6:57 AM Jan 5, 2018


  • @40after40.keto 8:22 AM Jan 5, 2018

    Share your Fitbit name so we can play the challenges with you

  • @wins.journey.won 12:17 PM Jan 5, 2018

    @craptrunners I love it. My friends had the blaze and we all upgraded to the ionic and they love it! One said there are so many more features and it tracks more activities then the blaze. One of her big things is that it counts her steps while holding a shopping cart (or alike πŸ™‚) and all the steps on the elliptical!!! Along with everything else, I would recommend!