Su @Ethan&Evelyn ( @ethannevelyn )

2:31 PM Aug 27, 2017
"More People Planning To Retire Abroad!" New statistics studied by a Schofields Insurance, a holiday home insurance website, show rising numbers of people planning on retiring aboard, to live and enjoy a retirement in the sun. Check out our new post on the blog. πŸ‘† #ad (Photo taken in streets of Costa del Sol, Mijas, Southern Spain) #Spain . . . . . #retire #retirement #overseas #holiday #holidayhome #abroad #holidaylettings #holidayhomeowner #holidayinsurance #insurance #insuranceprovider #holidaying #summerhouse #secondhome #awesomeearth #FamilyTravel #wonderfulearth #outdoorbloggers #wonderful_places #Travel #beautifuldestinations #lovetheworld #welivetoexplore #Europe #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger

Costa del Sol



  • @ethannevelyn 2:44 PM Aug 27, 2017

    @traveltripmum Oh me too! x

  • @chiswizz 6:21 PM Aug 27, 2017

    I went years ago, but the day I visited Mijas it was all misty and drizzly, it was still lovely but certainly didn't look like this! πŸ˜„

  • @ethannevelyn 6:51 PM Aug 27, 2017

    @chiswizz Oh no! What a shame! I wonder what is the best time of the year it is best to visit.

  • @memeandharri 7:20 PM Aug 27, 2017

    We have just returned from Mijas, so stunning x

  • @ethannevelyn 7:35 PM Aug 27, 2017

    @memeandharri Oh Wow! Very jealous! πŸ˜† Love to hear all about it on our next #ExplorerKids Linky on Tuesday. Xx πŸ’ž

  • @chiswizz 8:37 PM Aug 27, 2017

    Well I visited in August and the weather was beautiful, but on the last day I visited Mijas and the weather had turned. It was still lovely though. X

  • @wanderdaughter 6:39 AM Aug 28, 2017

    Nice picture! I love the vibrant colors!

  • @ethannevelyn 6:54 AM Aug 28, 2017

    @wanderdaughter Me too! 😊

  • @ethannevelyn 6:54 AM Aug 28, 2017

    @chiswizz Perhaps, it's time for another visit. Perhaps, we can go together? 😊 xx

  • @chiswizz 10:21 AM Aug 28, 2017

    Now that would be awesome! 😊 xx

  • @adventurepartyof6 4:13 PM Aug 28, 2017

    So so pretty! Would love to retire there!

  • @ethannevelyn 4:19 PM Aug 28, 2017

    @adventurepartyof6 Oh me too! xx

  • @bieryabroad 12:45 AM Aug 29, 2017

    Why wait to be retired?!

  • @ethannevelyn 6:28 AM Aug 29, 2017

    @bieryabroad Very true!